Turtle Bay Lava Penisula Exploration
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Ain't that just the cutest sea cucumber you ever did see? (Not Ian! The thing on his hand! ;-) )
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They're hard to find ...but there are 2 jumping fish in there... one on the left middle and the other just to the left of the flash spot. :) They are so neat to watch as they literally jump from one tidepool to the next!
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Ian, do you remember what you were taking a picture of?
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See how jagged the lava rock was that we were climbing on and over? This was a hole that the guys figured would be cool to have a picture of me behind...so here it is! :)
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Okay, so the camera focussed on the wrong thing... that's not my fault is it?? :) The thing on his hand is not a snail but rather a hermit crab using a snail shell as it's home! :)
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That's a purplish sea urchin :)
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A school of fish in one of the deep tidepools - in places there would just be a big 8ft wide and deep tide pool in the lava!
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I think there's a yellow fish on the left middle... also there's the "brain-looking" coral in the middle ... :)*
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More sea urchins :)
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 Gallery: Corey's Photo Albums  Album: Hawaii 2003 (LDP)   
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