Exploring the USS Missouri
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It's just a missile!
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There was a double semicircle of plaques like this (about 50), each for a sub that was lost. The list at the bottom is all the people who are now on "Eternal Patrol."
You can actually read the writeup when you click on the photo - some of them are interesting!
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"Eternal Patrollers"
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"Eternal Patrollers"
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Brian & Jan - we had fun touring together :) I think I was more lost than they were at times! :) Above Jan's head are the USS Missouri and the USS Arizona Memorial over by Ford Island.
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USS Bowfin - You can tour this sub, however we never had time to. Perhaps next time! :)
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Entrance to Ford Island. To get there we crossed the longest retractable bridge! :)
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View from the USS Missouri
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View from USS Missouri
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 Gallery: Corey's Photo Albums  Album: Hawaii 2003 (LDP)   
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