22-apr-2004: the photos are finally back! i guess "soon" wasn't the proper word to use in my note over 8 months ago. i've also added new photos from a few minor events that have taken place recently. -cp

21-apr-2004: the server has been switched over from a noisy, inefficient athlon 600 to a quieter, more efficient and much smaller soltek qbic iq3601a with a via c3 1ghz cpu. -cp

21-aug-2003: things have been offline for the last three weeks or so as the server was compromised by a hacker. the photos aren't back up yet. soon... -cp

3-aug-2002: if you were wondering why the website went away for awhile a harddrive went screwy on the server. things should be back to normal (whatever that is) now. -cp

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